Cold front

Well, our first freeze of this fall occurred last night. Now I won't have to water as much. It brought a few new hummingbirds to our feeders in Alpine. Here's a male Anna's that was at my son's place...

Tomorrow I'll be going to the oasis. I think the Varied Thrush is still there, but feeding along the arroyo on native berries. When they're gone it'll probably be easier to locate near the grapes I put out. I left the grape feeder uncaged Friday (for a photographer) when I came to town, and the javelina ravaged it. So with no grapes there, I couldn't tell if the thrush was still around, or not.  I refilled and caged the feeder so tomorrow I'll know.

The Williamson's Sapsucker didn't hang around at all. Lucky I even got photos of it.