New revised grape feeder

Critters, as well as ants, have discovered the feeder, so it was time to do something else. I made a hanging branch feeder. Now the trick will be to get the thrush to find and use it.

The new feeder is suspended from ant guards and should be critter-proof.

. When I got down to the oasis (from the house a block away) shortly after daylight today the ground feeder had been emptied (I suspect coons or ringtails) and I heard the distraught thrush scolding back in the arroyo. I hurriedly put a few grapes in the old feeder. It wasted no time gobbling them up. My hope is that when that feeder gets empty, he'll look around and find the hanging feeder. But I've learned not to make assumptions, so I'll probably put out grapes in the ground feeder until I'm sure he's discovered the other one. I almost got a decent photo of him grabbing a grape this morning. 

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I had to come to town today to take care of some business for my husband, who is on a fishing excursion. It'll be dark before I get back down there and check the grape status. Also saw 3 hummingbird species this morning; Costa's, Rufous, and Anna's.

UPDATE: Arrived back at the oasis shortly before dark. One grape was missing from the ground feeder and one from the hanging feeder. Not sure what that means yet. Will continue monitoring this weekend. Curiously, where the hanging feeder grape had been was a fresh green leaf. All I could think of was the bird  went for its first hanging feeder grape a bit awkwardly and took a leaf down with it. It'll get more proficient at it, I presume.